OPENOUT | Transforming Rural Ireland

Transforming Rural Ireland

We are an Irish business founded with the vision to innovate out of the box solutions to improve connectivity issues in rural Ireland ranging from poor cellular coverage to unavailability of broadband connections as well as modernizing digital landscape by enabling businesses to adopt new technologies ranging from basic online presence to fullfledge ecommerce. 

Who We Are

Ireland has a population smaller than single cities in many countries, combine that with a scattered rural population and you begin to see why its just not commercially feasible for IT & Telecom companies to invest in rural infrastructure in the first place. While millions of people in rural Ireland paying hefty mobile bills and considerable broadband charges, not a penny less than the consumers in urban areas, yet most of them are simply unable to make or receive phone calls from their mobile phones or access to traditional broadband services. Absence of reliable connectivity also made businesses hesitant in adopting new technologies. We are a company founded out of desperation to bridge this gap.

What We Do

At openout, we are determined to provide creative yet effective solutions for connectivity problems in rural areas. Our solutions include Mobile Signal Boosters to improve cellular coverage in your premises, Mobile Broadband Connectivity for those who do not have access to traditional broadband, provision of Free WiFi Hot Spots in public areas such as tourist attractions, town centers and shopping malls etc and a Business WiFi solution for businesses to keep their customers connected as well as a comprehensive rage of digital services like Website Design & Hosting, Social Media Presence and Online Invoicing Ptaltform for businesses to keep pace with rapidly changing world. For further details please click on the links bellow or contact us, should you have any questions.

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